Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the value of Corezoid for a company? Could you provide examples from real life?
Corezoid allows you to move from hardcoding to process assembly. It exponentially speeds up the entire company. Corezoid makes it much easier and faster to launch new products. People not acquainted with programming languages can work with Corezoid. Companies no longer need an army of developers. Managers and business analysts can focus on the most important issue – creation of solid business processes, rather than spending time writing Technical Design Assignments, in kick-off meetings, working with the IT department and waiting for testers. For example, there were 34 developers in Internet Banking Department at PrivatBank before Corezoid implementation. Now, nine people are able to cope with this work.
Do I need to know programming languages to work with Corezoid?
No, there is no need for programming languages. Logical thinking and simple skills of algorithm development would be enough.
What is Corezoid’s role in the software architecture of my company? Does it completely replace my software packages or integrate with them somehow?
Corezoid easily interacts with any software through an API. Therein lays the value of Corezoid – it is able to control the interconnection logic of multiple internal and external software systems. In tandem with the company’s development, at a certain point Corezoid can really replace other software solutions in full. For example, the availability of real-time dashboards in Corezoid provides the possibility to forgo software built for business intelligence. Accounting processes being customized in Corezoid allows to stop using outdated software in the accounting department.
Why is Corezoid better than Activiti, Jbpm, Microsoft Logic Apps, Bpmonline, IBM BPM and other BMP/ERP/CRM systems?
As all objects and their possible states are described directly in the system, Corezoid allows you to configure and manage the same processes easier and faster. Any condition instantly generates new processes in Corezoid. Processes generate new data that, in turn, generate the new state…and so on ad infinitum. BPM systems are not propelled by a state, but from processes. Firstly, a BPM system waits for a certain signal, an external impact, to start the process. Then, when the process is completed, it has the last, final result. Corezoid does not wait for external signals. When all the company processes are linked into a single ecosystem, and the objects are described in terms of finite state machines, a change in one place in the company instantly generates a series of processes. In fact, Corezoid allows you to change it. The company starts to operate as a single, coherent, living organism.
Can I use Corezoid for a highload project?
Yes. PrivatBank, one of the largest bank in Eastern Europe runs on the Corezoid process engine, with 16 million customers. About 10 million transactions are handled in Corezoid every day (300 transactions per second). As a comparison, PayPal processes 193 transactions per second.
What kind of support do you provide?
24/7/365 by skype, e-mail, mobile phone, and personal manager.
Is the Corezoid environment PCI DSS compliant?
We do not store any data. Corezoid works only with depersonalized information IDs. But some businesses need to have their environment PCI DSS compliant, so we have a PCI DSS certificate.
If I want to try, where should Corezoid be implemented in my company?
Visit or Amazon Marketplace, log in to the system. Prepare a chart for your algorithm, for a start it can be done on paper. Connect the necessary API and configure the logic in the Corezoid interface. If required, contact us, we can help. You do not have to pay anything to try the system.
How is data loaded into Corezoid? There is no API in my company. Can I work with Corezoid?
Data enter Corezoid using the API, by downloading a text file (for example.csv) or through handloading. But the most convenient way is with an API. If you do not have your own API, we can help you to create them for your company. It takes about one month. There are free templates for Corezoid as well, e.g. to access the API Mandrill (for e-mail), Liqpay (online payments), MessageBird (SMS sending) and dozens of other templates.
Can I install Corezoid on my server instead of working in your cloud?
Yes, it is possible. Please contact us to discuss this issue on an individual basis.
What will we pay when we start working with Corezoid? Do you provide consultancy or some kind of ready process templates?
Corezoid works within the Amazon ecosystem with payment on an hourly basis. You can deploy AMI (Amazon Machine Instance) or access Corezoid in SaaS mode. You’ll be able to see Corezoid usage statistics in your account on Amazon. The invoices will also be paid via Amazon. Apart from this, you can buy a consulting project from Corezoid. We will help you to create the necessary architecture in the Corezoid.
If I moved to a new project on Corezoid, how long will it take to understand all the intricacies of the work? How much time does it take to create a process?
Simple processes can be set up in Corezoid in just one day. It takes two weeks to customize the work of the whole online store with your marketing system, logistics, sales, and accounting.
Our company develops software. Why do we need to shift processes to Corezoid, if customers pay us for software code writing and support?
You can direct your programmers to create new elegant cloud-based architectures and algorithms rather than write and support business logic. Due to Corezoid, you will manage to do much more for your clients, and earn more.
What regulates the status of copyright for products/services created on the Corezoid? I care about: – who the intellectual property rights for the created product belong to? – who the proprietary rights (possession/disposition/act of right) belong to and how they are governed? Simply: if I create a project on Corezoid, how are my rights are protected?
The relationship between the software owner and Corezoid users is governed by the user agreement: These rules establish the distribution of rights and obligations in respect of Corezoid software and do not provide any special treatment for products (processes) created by users with Corezoid. In such circumstances, copyright for the processes in Corezoid belongs to the person who created them. The transfer of rights to the work created in Corezoid can be governed by an agreement between the author and the transferees. In such cases, the protection of the author’s rights shall be maintained on a general legal basis by virtue of the arrangement with the persons benefiting from the processes, or under the law. In order to protect the authors’ rights in Corezoid, operational records are maintained and we are ready to fulfil the requirements of the competent authorities to block specific users and/or processes violating the rights of the authors.
What will happen with the access to Corezoid in case of company bankruptcy or liquidation?
On client's demand and cost, we're ready to provide the option of placing Corezoid source code to the depositary suggested by the client. If something happens with our company, client will take-over the source code and run it.
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