Create your DIGITAL CORE for the company or the project

Digital core - is a set of processes carried out to the cloud
  • Processes:
  • Operations:
  • State changes:

Processing of millions of requests per second from any number of channels

Corezoid - is the automatically scaling system that can transmit and analyze the millions of events per second. You will be able to handle huge amounts of data generated from any number of connected devices and applications.

Uniting the world in a single ecosystem

Today any device, whether it is a thermostat or an electric car, and any application generate data that are stored in databases, but are not analyzed due to the lack of tools. These data hide the individual actions of each user, that you have to recognize. Corezoid offers not only processing of the big data, but move to the big process, in which these data will allow you to generate new events.

Cloud core for Internet of Things

The rapid spreading and variety of devices connected to the network leads to a variety of platforms and protocols, which are analyzed separately. Combining all these data sources into one single stream is a huge problem. Corezoid was created in order to unite different software and hardware systems into a single system via simple APIs.

Advantages of using our system

  • quickstart of IT projects
  • a tool for creating a unified ecosystem of all components
  • low costs of making changes in the process
  • real-time data PROCESSING
  • the instrument of control for managing directors
  • easy continuity of projects with the high fluctuation of personnel


Using the theory of finite-state automaton in the operation system corezoid allows developers to spend more time on what they like to do - CREATION of code.
For this the cloud corezoid takes all the routine tasks:

• the code visualization and business-logic

• collection of statistical data on every status of the automaton

• removal of the suppport function through granting access to the proccess to business-analysts

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Automate your processes on your own with the help of

• Do you need to compare data in different software packages and then make changes by the results of comparison in the third one?

• Do you want to automate the routine processes, but your developers are workloaded and cannot take care of your tasks?

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Create your own digital core