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You can easily use Corezoid for highload systems like enterprise software, analytics services and CRM systems.

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TechCrunch: Software For The Full-Stack Era

To provide the widest array of potential experiences, our underlying technology needs to become truly modular. We need the equivalent of Lego blocks supporting a wide array of designs simply and efficiently. To do this, software innovators need to decompose solutions down to the lowest common levels for the developers who rely on them.

@Maxwell Wessel

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Corezoid is a PaaS tool for creating IT solutions with the use of automata-based programming with explicit state selection.

Corezoid grants visibility into all aspects of systems operations by providing realtime dashboards of the business processes as they happen, 24x7. Business processes’ states are now explicit and visible vs. being hardcoded somewhere deep in the code. As the legacy systems are being phased out and replaced, Corezoid helps move processing to the cloud away from home-grown facilities.

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The issue is that most of the companies have added new technology capabilities for access as channels on their old systems so the back-end сore systems are last century. The reason it’s not working anymore is customers to see the cracks in the wall. Back-end systems are cracking and aching with legacy.

Chris Skinner,
author of “Digital Bank” bestseller
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