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Corezoid Cloud OS is:


Assemble processes, develop software, manage IoT devices, and control everything in one place with online dashboards.


You can easily use Corezoid for highload systems like enterprise software, analytics services and CRM systems.

Cost efficient

Create beautiful algorithms and pay only for the modules and resources you use.

In a few words, Corezoid is Tesla in the world of back-end IT systems.

It’s a turnkey, plug-and-play solution for a digital core that fits any size of company in any industry. Corezoid is a breakthrough, transformative technology. Real-time, holistic business process management is a departure from the traditional siloed model in which many leading vendors excel. Corezoid has been created from scratch with real-time responsiveness, transparency and agility in mind, giving it the edge over more traditional systems.

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Why is Corezoid a breakthrough technology?

A universal, all-in-one solution.

Corezoid is a universal operating system right for any size of company in any industry. You can use the Corezoid platform in any way you want, from sending e-mail notifications and creating a simple site back-end to launching complex enterprise systems (CRM, BMP, ERP etc.) and running IoT devices. All of this is easy to accomplish with Corezoid.

Highload. Auto-scale. Real-time.

Corezoid is an automatic scaling system that can transmit and analyze millions of events per second. You will be able to handle huge amounts of data generated from any number of connected devices, services and applications in real-time.

Programming without coding.

Forget about hardcoding. A new era of software-building solutions is coming. With Corezoid you don’t need to know any programming language - just concentrate on problem solving, and assemble your processes with logic blocks.

How does it work?

Watch our presentation from the FivDEVR 2015 conference where we explain what Corezoid is all about, and how it can help you build your business.

Corezoid is a PaaS tool for creating cloud-based IT solutions, powered by programming that utilizes explicit state selection.

Corezoid grants visibility into all aspects of systems operations by providing dashboards that deliver real-time insights into business processes as they happen, 24x7. With Corezoid, business process states are now explicit and visible, rather than being hardcoded somewhere deep in the code. As legacy systems are being phased out and replaced, Corezoid helps move processing to the cloud, and away from homegrown facilities.

TechCrunch: Software For The Full-Stack Era

To provide the widest array of potential experiences, our underlying technology needs to become truly modular. We need the equivalent of Lego blocks supporting a wide array of designs simply and efficiently. To do this, software innovators need to decompose solutions down to the lowest common levels for the developers who rely on them.

@Maxwell Wessel

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Corezoid key advantages

Start IT projects quickly

Low costs for making process changes

Better control instruments for managing directors to command

Create an ecosystem unifying all your components

Easy continuity even as personnel come and go

Real-time data processing



Automata-based programming provides solutions for difficult tasks through the use of automated control objeсts. The advantages of automata-based programming include:

  • Easier design and better results working with event-oriented applications
  • Simple and clear system architecture reduces difficult tasks
  • More effective solutions for systems with difficult behavior patterns
  • Clear descriptions of behaviors

Rooted in these principals, Corezoid allows developers to spend more time doing what they like to do best - creating great code.

Corezoid frees developers by taking care of all the routine tasks:

The code visualization and business-logic

Collection of statistical data

Taking off the support function due to giving access to the code to business analysts

Business logic is the most dynamic area in your code, and the most difficult to debug. It is always easier to track down a bug in a block that only executes a single function. Corezoid helps developers move their business logic to the cloud, so that duties around changing those processes can be delegated to business logic analysts.

Corezoid gives these analysts the tools to change business processes independently, gathering statistical data and conducting support functions without distracting developers.

In return, developers receive more precise API specifications, as analysts use Corezoid to test out processes in advance.

Corezoid is more freedom for writing your favorite code!

Corezoid use cases

  • Banking

  • E-commerce

  • For developers

Automatic control of customer repayments to the bank.

The customer applies for a discount on the Bank’s desktop services, the Bank agrees in case the customer subscribes to the Bank’s additional products (retail takings & cash collection, retail payments by card, salary etc.) ...
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Restoring communications with customers that do not use «Universal» cards for more than 90 days

We have transferred all our processes to Corezoid. Previously, the entire process was built through a bunch of communication events, which we carried out by means of technical projects after applying to IT-developers. They made for us sortings from the total customer database of those customers that did not use the card for more than 90 days. It was uncomfortable and very prolonged. Now, you can see how many customers come to us, how many we have moved into active states. Plus, we have several levels of communications, for example, we sent a message to a client, wait 30 days for his reaction, and then continue to work with him depending on his response to the message. Previously, on every stage we needed to request a sorting from the database, and now all these chains are available in Corezoid. ...
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Control of newsletter emailing.

Previously, I had to go to a dozen meetings: in the IT department, in CRM-system Department, with analysts. I needed to discuss and to record all business logics of sending letters, to compile a separate technical project for each department. While, in a technical project all details cannot not stipulated, so later you need to write an updated technical project, and so on. IT developers usually elaborate their projects rather slowly, so these small tasks can be missed in the heap of higher priority projects. Sometimes, it is necessary to wait for six months for some small update to be done. ...
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Call routing to the Call Center

Corezoid is very easy to use, the main thing is to understand the logics of the techniques, and then everything is built by yourself. Before I create a business process I draw its block scheme on paper. This greatly simplifies all my further work. ...
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Issuing coupons and promotional codes at the online banking

This video describes the process of issuing coupons and promotional codes at the online banking checkout page. This algorithm was assembled via Corezoid in a few days and has already handled millions of requests. ...
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The issue is that most of the companies have added new technology capabilities for access as channels on their old systems so the back-end сore systems are last century. The reason it’s not working anymore is customers to see the cracks in the wall. Back-end systems are cracking and aching with legacy.

Chris Skinner
Chris Skinner,
author of “Digital Bank” bestseller
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Corezoid is an Authorized Amazon Web Services consulting partner