The demand for certified Corezoid specialists grows every day. Prove your qualification and you will receive access to a community of certified specialists and Corezoid partners that can help you find new interesting projects or even a job.
Corezoid Certification
Corezoid specialist certificate shows employers that you are skilled to solve key challenges.
You receive Junior grade after studying learning materials and implementing 3 projects of “Newbie” level from the “Tutorials” section.
To receive Middle grade you will need to study Corezoid documentation deeply, be able to work with both external and internal APIs; possess understanding of main Corezoid development patterns and implementations of at least 10 projects.
Senior grade is eligible to specialists with >1 year Corezoid experience and have successfully created more than 25 projects of various difficulty levels. Senior specialist is expected to understand how to work with all Corezoid data types, including XML, SOAP; have experience of automatic process generation using Corezoid API; know how to juggle Corezoid best practices for optimal business-task solutions.
Corporate certification
Group corporate certification assists in organizing Corezoid working teams to effectively solve existing tasks and in creating a training program for your employees based on independent skill and knowledge assessment.
Corezoid partner certification
Certified Corezoid partner, apart from the status, also receives access to a closed community of partners for experience and client exchange, exclusive training webinars for employees, lead stream from and a list of certified specialists that are looking for jobs.