5 cases of using Corezoid in banking


Corezoid is a cloud operating system, a tool for automation and control of business processes, hardware and software of any complexity.

Corezoid is an innovation that was born in the PrivatBank E-Business Center. As of June 2015, in the Corezoid cloud more than 30,000 PrivatBank processes are working. Corezoid is also available as a standalone product for the Ukrainian and global market.

This article will be devoted to a detailed analysis of examples of Corezoid being used for business process management in the banking sector.

Main problems that are solved by Corezoid at PrivatBank:

  • prolonged launch of IT projects;
  • high cost of changes;
  • lack of information about «business musts»;
  • continuity of projects amid staff flows;
  • lack of unified ecosystem for all processes.

What is Corezoid?

In a technical sense Corezoid is a cloud operating system creating IT solutions by methods based on automatic programming with obvious allocation of states.

Let’s get acquainted with the principles of building business processes in Corezoid.

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