Sigma Software helps a large electronics retailer streamline contact center with modern digital platform

ІТ company Sigma Software at the request of large retailer has developed and implemented an automated client communications system. The system enables chatbot integration with the contact center that receives up to 30 thousand client requests every day. The development and launch were completed in extremely short terms - just a few weeks - with a minimum team, including digitalization specialists from Sigma Software as well as requirements clarification and integration experts from the retailer The speed of system digitalization was enabled by the low-code platform Corezoid. As a result, the contact center's workload decreased by a third.

Every year, Ukrainian consumer electronics retailer serves over 10 million clients through its 120 brick-and-mortar stores and an online shop, which translates into thousands of client requests via voice calls and emails to their contact center every day. In order to provide their clients with a multi-channel experience, ensure quick connection and detailed information during ordering, the company initiated a deep transformation and digitalization strategy, starting with a digital solution to automate their contact center operations and add new communication channels, including a website widget and chatbots.


Online chat solutions and automated workplaces have proven to be highly effective in improving client experience, minimizing operator time per request, and reducing operator stress and workload. However, implementing a solution at a large and distributed company like requires careful consideration. Seeking an extremely flexible and cost-efficient solution, turned to Sigma Software, a company with a proven track record of successful IT consulting.

“Our first step in automating’s client communication channels was to create a digital workplace for support operators, their group leaders, and analysts, complete with a live chat popup on the company’s website. We then integrated this solution with instant messengers’ chatbots, mobile apps, and other interfaces used by the company to communicate with its clients. Using the low-code hyperautomation engine Corezoid and technology created by Middleware Inc., we were able to launch fully-fledged communication orchestrator in just several weeks, significantly reducing development time and costs by at least 50%. Our solution provides opportunities for further improvements, automation, statistics, and analytics,” says Hanna Khrystianovych, Digitalization Program Manager at Sigma Software.

In addition to Sigma Software’s expertise in business process automation and IT consulting, the solution leverages the Corezoid platform, which was created by Middleware Inc. Corezoid provides a flexible and cost-effective solution for communication orchestration and business logic, reducing development time by at least 50% and resulting in significant cost savings. The Middleware consultants also played a role in the implementation process, providing support and expertise to ensure a successful launch. Corezoid platform continues to evolve and add new features, providing Eldorado with ongoing benefits and opportunities to further optimize their client communications.


“ is continuously expanding its team of operators working with the new client communications system, and the first months of its use have already shown great results in both client experience and request processing time. Thanks to the flexibility of the Corezoid-backed system, our engineers were able to quickly react to changing requirements, while Sigma Software’s expertise in building automated contact centers allowed us to provide guidance on optimal architectural and business logic decisions. Our system provides monitoring and reporting tools for client request processing and operator workload to ensure further improvements. We continue to support and maintain the system, helping specialists to master all its features and leverage analytical data to improve their client service,” adds Eugene Ustimenkov, Corezoid Program Manager at Sigma Software.

“The contact center chats became the next step in our large-scale transformation program aiming to create a new working experience across all channels. For our clients, it means increased request processing and additional comfort due to integration with the whole information system landscape and access to all clients’ data. Corezoid platform opens a cost-efficient concept and integration of various information systems in our future development,” tells Andriy Romanenko, Director of Business Digital Transformation at

Sigma Software – IT service company with 2000+ specialists and a large portfolio of low-code and no-code products that allow solving complex digitalization tasks for large and middle-size businesses with a minimum team of tech specialists. The company’s experts have developed a chatbot for Kharkiv residents to check their premises’ state, a solution for Diia.Business Kharkiv processes automation, and are engaged in projects for world-known brands, such as IATA, Volvo, AstraZeneca, Scania, Fortum. is a comfortable omnichannel provider of equipment and electronics in Ukraine. The network includes 95 shops, an online store, and a handy mobile app with various delivery options. It provides work for 3.2 thousand people.

The company has been operating in the Ukrainian market since 1999. During this time, over three million Ukrainians became regular buyers of equipment and electronics in, meeting the needs of their families.

Since February 2022, the company has furnished equipment and electronics for a total amount of more than UAH 10 million for the Ukrainian Defence Forces and provides a constant 10% discount for the Ukrainian military.

In 2022, they have started a social initiative ‘A brick for a family’ – everyone can buy ‘a brick’ at the price of 23 UAH in a shop or online. All costs are forwarded to build module houses for families, whose homes were destroyed by the war. The first house has already been made for the family of a military serviceman from the Chernigiv Region.


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