Sigma Software webinar: “Digital Transformation for Banks: Trends and Challenges”


May 28, 2020 at 15:00 London time (17:00 Kyiv time) Middleware partner, the Swedish IT consulting company Sigma Software, will conduct an online webinar on the digital transformation of banks. The free webinar will host experienced experts from Ukraine and Sweden: Hanna Khrystianovych, a Fintech program manager at Sigma Software and Rickard Eriksson, a senior adviser at the Swedish Bankers’ Association. Moderator of the webinar: Sergii Danylenko, VP at Middleware Inc., North America,

As Gartner estimates, up to 80% of traditional banks will go out of business by 2030. What to prepare for in 2020 and the upcoming years? What steps to make today to give your business a competitive advantage?

The speakers will explain why only truly digital companies have a chance to survive in the future. What CAN’T be called a “digital transformation"? What are the ingredients for a successful digital transformation? Who will win in the end? The webinar will be interesting for Business Banking Officers, Innovation Managers, Risk Managers, Founders, CEOs, Business Strategy Managers.

Join the free Zoom-webinar following this link.

Webinar media partners are The Swedish Bankers' Association and The Nordic RegTech Association.

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