Corezoid and Samsung announce the beginning of cooperation

3 October 2022. – Corezoid and Samsung announced the beginning of cooperation. Samsung will use Control.Events, developed by Corezoid Inc. (USA), to provide customer support in online chats

Control.Events allows Samsung clients to ask questions using a widget on their web-site or on two popular messengers: Viber and Telegram. A live agent from the Samsung contact-center gets connected to provide customer care. There is also an option to use the self-service mode and select the necessary item from the chatbot’s menu.

At the end of the conversation, the customer gets a form with a satisfaction survey to provide feedback. The Reward of the live agent depends on the quality of the provided assistance. All conversation history is stored for future analysis. There is an option to analyze the conversation topic, the time a customer spent in a queue, the duration of the chat – this information allows to constantly improve business processes.

Control.Events allows to automatically distribute queued customers between free operators, track operators’ KPIs, create skill-groups, and set up templates with answers to frequently asked questions.

Corezoid supports integrations with Apple Messages for Business, Google Business Messages, Viber, Telegram, Facebook messenger, WhatsApp, Line, WeChat, Control.Events and any other platform with an open API. Working with messengers is a good first step on the way to create a “digital core” based on Corezoid’s technologies.

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