A-Bank became the first bank in the world to launch Share.CreditCard service

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Ukraine, Dnipro, October 27, 2019 - A-Bank became the first bank in the world to launch the credit card sharing service. Customers can setup limited shared access to their Mastercard cards. Also A-bank plans to launch shared access to Visa cards in November 2019.

Service was implemented on the basis of the patented Share.CreditCard technology together with A-Bank's Digital Transformation Partner, Middleware company.

“This is a very emotional service. All people love their children and family. At A-Bank we love our customers, and we’re extremely happy to provide Share.CreditCard service to A-Bank clients,” – says A-Bank CEO Yuri Kandaurov. – Parents will be able to give controlled access to cards to their children, husbands – to wives (and vice versa), children will be able to support their parents.”

“Share.CreditCard is a global re-invention of money transfers, – says Alexander Vityaz, technology inventor, Founder & CEO of the Middleware company. – Any money transfer system, be it post-office, SWIFT or Bitcoin, is based on moving money from point A to point B, with different time and commissions involved. But what if instead of moving money we will move access to the money?”

Share.CreditCard allows you to select a recipient of money from a list in the A-Bank mobile application, specify limits on the amount and time period, and share access to your own Mastercard card. Anywhere in the world the recipient can take his Android-smartphone, touch the POS-terminal, and at that moment the money will be debited from the sender’s card. Share.CreditCard is the fastest and at the same time free way on the planet to transfer access to the money. Enjoy!

About Middleware

Middleware Inc. (USA) was founded in 2014. Middleware company is the owner of proprietary technologies Corezoid Process Engine, Sender Communication Engine, Deepmemo Rules Engine, Share.CreditCard,, Control.Events. Middleware works with Clients and Partners worldwide on digital transformation projects. Middleware offices are located in the USA (California, Redwood) and Ukraine (Dnipro). Major clients: Western Union, METRO Cash&Carry, Avon, Philip Morris, TBC Bank, Jysan bank. Key partners: Visa, Rakuten Viber, Mambu. Middleware also has Amazon Web Services (AWS) Financial Services Competency status.

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